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HKIG seminari

Arhiva seminara 2021.

Webinar: European Strategy for Public Procurement - Beyond Ideas-Towards Impact

10. svibnja 2021. - 11. svibnja 2021.

Discussing public procurement and sustainability for the construction sector in Europe, together with private and public stakeholders, in order to outline a policy roadmap that could support implementation of innovative procurement practices across Europe.

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11,00 - 12,30 Mapping a policy roadmap to sustainability in Europe through public procurement

  • Sašo Matas, Director General of the Public Procurement Directorate, Slovenia.
  • Sandra Nedeljković, Deputy Director of the Public Investment Management Office, Serbia.
  • Mirsad Jašarspahić, Rotating President/Vice President of the Chamber of Economy of FBiH.
  • Bojan Bogdanović, President of GBC Serbia.
    - Moderated by Sorin Cebotari, Senior Research Manager at weTHINK.

13,00 - 14,00 Discussion groups to address

How to improve institutional capacity and knowledge regarding public procurement?
with inputs from:

  • Dorin Beu, Green Building Council Romania (RoGBC).
  • Almin Mališević, Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (P/GKFBiH).

What are the available tools for an efficient digitalization of Public Procurement?
with inputs from:

  • Roberto Adami, Vice President for Corporate Market at Vortal.
  • Veljko Janjic, CEO and Co-founder Bexel Consulting.
  • Zeljko Zugic, Public Investment Management Office, Serbia.

14,00 - 14,30 Open dialogue session on the policy roadmap for sustainability through procurement in Europe.

  • Moderated by Sorin Cebotari, weTHINK.


Join one of the workshops organized by our partners to learn about different aspects of sustainability in construction.


Mechanisms to foster decarbonization through Public Procurement.

  • Borja Izaola, Green Building Council Espana.
  • Petra Ferk, Institute for Public-Private Partnership, Slovenia.

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Smart city and smart infrastructure - what can it bring to sustainable procurement.

  • Dragos-Eduard Nedelea, Electrogroup, Romania.
  • Miodrag Gluscevic, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities - National Association of Local Authorities in Serbia.

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BIM in public procurement for construction.

  • Ross Griffin, Kosmos, Denmark.
  • Tore Hvidegaard, 3dbyggeri, Denmark.
  • Christina Hvid, Molio, Denmark.
  • Michael Schwartz, Ajour System, Denmark.

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Emissions of CO2 in construction.

  • Ulrich Nolting, InformationsZentrum Beton - "CO2 in construction and infrastructure - reducing the long term emissions".
  • Luc Rens from European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE) - "Facts and figures on the contribution of concrete roads to CO2-reduction”.

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15,00-15,30 Closing panel and presentation of follow-up activities

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Agenda for weTHINK. Beyond Ideas - Towards Impact Conference[ PDF: 239 KB ]

Ostale vijesti 2021.